Today I Met Tom Hanks

This is what I noticed…

Life has a way of teaching us lessons at every moment, if we are present enough to be able to catch a glimpse of them. As Elizabeth Gilbert writes in her book “Big Magic,” moments, ideas or opportunities show up when we least expect them and then are gone in an instant if we don’t take the time to recognize them.

Tom Hanks (Wikipedia)

Today was no different. I was helping a friend out in her store when Tom Hanks stepped up to the register with an arm full of goods to purchase. He was very kind and soft spoken. And actually, is much better looking in real life than on the screen. I found that kind of interesting. Anyway, as I tallied up his purchase and sent him on his way, I began to think what it must be like to be on the big screen.

What if your life was a Blockbuster Hit? Would you be ready for it? I like to tell my clients to take a look at their life and themselves as though they were having an out of body experience. Never in a negative way, just observing. How are you standing, what are you doing, how are you acting…that kind of observing?

Now, take that a step further. If your life were a Blockbuster Hit. If you were the Tom Hanks in your life are you in the starring role or a supporting actor? Are you following the script, the plan you set out or are you just sitting on the sidelines of victim-hood playing the “it’s not my job man” role?

So, let’s take a look at “what if”? What if you had everything you wanted? Do you need to be any different? How would you need to show up every day? If you want something different, then you have to be different. Tell me how you would be?

In the book, “Adventures for Your Soul” the author, Shannon Kaiser has these questions to ask in starring in your Blockbuster Hit:

1. If your life were a movie, and you were the leading character, how would you want to be portrayed?

2. If all circumstances allowed (you had enough time and money), what would you really want to do? How would your movie play out?

3. What is your happy ending? What desires are in your heart that want to be freed?

4. Where does your story take place? What location? What is the environment life?

5. What does your ideal life look like?

Once you’ve answered these questions you can go ahead and begin writing your script. Write the movie that you want to live. Write your favorite part. Look at all aspects of your life as a Blockbuster Hit. No need to let the negative voices creep up, it’s just a movie after all.

Tom Hanks is not different than you or me. He just wrote his script and stepped into it. Are you willing to do that?

Cheers! It’s time to play full out…what does that mean for you?



Midlife antics of an American expat. Find me on: FB merry.lynch / Insta @bravingmidlife / Web

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Merry Lynch

Midlife antics of an American expat. Find me on: FB merry.lynch / Insta @bravingmidlife / Web